Chances are, you've waited your entire life to start this planning process. There's also a chance that you've been planning this big day since you were a small child. I count it an honor to join you side-by-side on your wedding day. I'm available every step of the way through the proposal, engagements, bridals, and of course the nuptials. I am an experienced wedding photographer in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area with a focus in airy, sometimes film photography that feel is timeless. I wish I could see the look on your face years from now as your looking through these photos with your children and grandchildren. So have a slice of wedding cake, go dancing, and relax because I'm working hard to ensure you have a pain-free and memorable photography experience.


Don’t Forget the Bridals

Bridal sessions are great for many reasons. One major reason that brides enjoy these is that they get a "test run" of the wedding dress, make-up, and any other accessories. Another reason is that well... you look good in white! I offer bridal portraits in several of my wedding packages. Bridal session are always at a more affordable rate when you book a wedding package. For an incredible wedding reception piece, order these as stunning Slim-Wrap prints for as guests enter your reception is a beautiful final touch to your already stellar wedding reception. After the reception, hang them in your new home! Also, I advise that you bring a brides-maid or your mother to the bridal session as well as a white piece of fabric to stand on, as it will make our experience that much easier and more fun! Oh yeah, don't forget your bouquet!

Wedding Clients are My Top Priority

With an abundance in photographers in the world, too many of them consider clients and weddings just a number. I take a completely different approach. I make my bride & groom clients my biggest focus! Hair, make-up, cake, suites, and dresses, you invest too much into a wedding day to let it be done half-way.